March 2017

Superintendent Connie Brown's March 3 memorandum updates the Nashua Board of Education about her revised recommendations for the FY 2018 operating budget to reflect a 1.9% increase, which Mayor James Donchess suggested when he spoke before the Board's Budget Committee on Frebruary 22. Originally, Superintendent Brown recommended a budget increase of 1.2% over FY 2017's operating budget, in keeping with the projected spending cap. For a copy of Dr. Brown's recent memorandum, which explains in detail recent developments that have impacted her originally proposed operating budget, please click below:

3.3.2017 Memo from Supertendent Brown to the Nashua Board of Education

In her memo, Superintendent Brown makes the following revisions to her initial recommended FY 2018 operating budget:
Clearway High School (alternative high school) $300,000
WIN (alternative high school) $300,000
Peer Coach positions (2) and stipends $115,000
Sign Language Interpreter position (1) $  37,500
Administration of Cimate and Culture Survey for parents $  10,000
Development of a District Strategic Plan $  20,000
iReady assessments for kindergarten students $    8,000
Transportation secretary position ($20,804)

To keep you fully informed of all the changes to Dr. Brown's proposed operating budget, all motions the Board of Education Budget Committee has voted on to date over the course of the operating budget development process is posted; please click here for those motions.

Dr. Brown presented her original recommendation for the FY 2018 operating budget in January. Establishing all-day kindergarten for all Nashua children in all 12 elementary schools was the centerpiece of the proposed budget, and remains a priority in her revised recommended budget. To view a presentation on all-day kindergarten, please click on the link below:

All-Day Kindergarten Presentation: Superintendent Brown

Click here for the online version of the budget process notebook that contains data and background information on various aspects of our school district. Updates to the notebook will occur as information becomes available.

The Nashua Board of Education has scheduled a series of meetings, beginning in late January through March, to address the development of the operating budget. Please click here for the meeting schedule.