February 2018

For convenient reference, budget notebook content will be posted below as it becomes available over the course of the budget development season this spring. Members of the Nashua Board of Education and administrators review content as they develop the operating budget.

If you have questions or comments about the FY 2019 recommended budget, please email them to: 

Thank you for your consideration.
Nashua School District
Board Budget Notebook
Fiscal Year 2019

Table of Contents

1. Administration FY2019 Budget Overview
    a. Schedule of Budget Committee Meetings
    b. PowerPoInt Budget Presentation (1/31)
    c. Communication from Mayor
    d. List of Questions/Requests

2. Currently Budgeted Positions
   a. Teachers/by school/type (regular, SPED, reading, etc.)
   b. Para-educators positions by location
   d. Administrators by school/ratios
   e. Secretaries by school/location
   f. Custodial by position/location
   g. Budgeted positions (operating budget FTEs)

3. Non-Personnel Costs
    A.i. Transportation budget detail
         ii.  Title XV, Chapter 189, Section 189:6
         iii. Title XV, Chapter 189, Section 189:9
    B.i. Plant Operations Budget Build
         ii.  FY2019 Plant Operations Equipment Request
         iii. FY2019 Utility Projections
         iv. FY2019-FY2014 Capital Improvement Needs (Presentation to CIC 1/29/18)
         v.  FY2019 and Beyond Deferred Maintenance and Construction Detail

4. Curriculum & Professional Development
    a. Curriculum Budget Presentation FY19
    b. Full-day Kindergarten Grant Memo
    c. BOE Tutoring Memo frm K. Wilde
    d. After-School Program
    e. Response to Budget Questions Memo
    f. Summery of Interventionists 2017-18
    g. Power Scholars Academy
    h. 21st Century Extended Day Program

5. Technology
   a. Infrastructure and Phone System Improvements
   b. Contract Services
   c. Computer Software
   d. Computer Equipment
   e. Level-Funded Budget Limitations

6. Special Education
    a. Description of Special Educaton Programs
    b. Special Education students by primary disability
    c. Special Education school profiles
    d. Out-of-district placements by school and disability
    e. Out-of-district placement as of January 2018
    f.  Request for additonal psychologist
    g. Request for additional extended year/summer school services funds
    h. Special educaiton trends

7. ELL
    a. Recommendation of service minutes for ELLs by the US DOE, NH DOE and WIDA
    b. K-8 students not receiving recmmended service minutes
    c. Growth of active and monitored ELL students along with ELL teachers
    d. Testimony from principals commenting on services for ELL students
8. Athletics
   a.  Nashua athletics organization chart
   b.  Nashua athletics programs offered
   c.  Summary of Majority of Budget: stipends, officials, transportation
   d.  Athletic stipends by sport FY19
   e.  Summary of stipends (from teacher contract)
   f.   Officials by sport FY19
   g.  Required sports officiating fees
   h.  Transportation by sport FY19
   i.   Rentals by sport FY19
   j.   Payments to the operating budget FY19
   k.  Athletic user fee data 2016-17 (last year)
   l.   Athletic user fee data 2017-18 (this year, through February 8)
   m. Athletic user fees history FY11-FY17
   n.  Athletic user fee information
   o.  Plans for Future Years
   p. Total sports costs FY14-FY19

9. CTE
    a.  CTE tri-fold
    b.  NTC student ambassador tri-fold
    c.  Program of Studies
    d.  Region 16 CTE programs available to Nashua students at Alvirne
    e.  Dual enrollment, certification, DOL apprenticeship handout
    f.   CTE program enrollment
    g.  Nashua Technology Center (CTE) handout
    h.  Recent articles/letters
    i.   Cool NH Stuff
    j.   Internship - Job Description
    k.  Math AMPED Program Information & Mfg & Mach Instructor - Labor Data
    l.   Hospitality - Labor Data
    m. Accounting - Justification and Data
    n.  Reclassification Position Preschool Director - Advisory Minutes and Job Description

10. Physical Environment for Learning
   a. Elementary class size spreadsheet (current/projections)

11. Enrollment Projections
   a. Official October 1, 2017 Count
   b. Non-public School Enrollments (2017-18)

12. Budget Documents
    a. Summary by commodity code
    b. Budget detail
    c. Personnel detail

13. Title Grant Budgets

14. Special Revenue Funds/Grant Funds/Revenues

15. Title Grant Budgets

16. Special Revenue Funds/Grant Funds/Revenues