Budget FY 2014
The Nashua Board of Education approved a Fiscal Year 2014 operating budget of $97,349,345 on March 26, 2013. The proposed budget represents a 1.7% increase over the current year. Under the leadership of the BOE and with the input of our in-house Budget Advisory Teams, the District's operating budget addresses some of our more strategically important needs in the areas of curriculum and assessment as well as establishes a high school enrichment block to the school day.
As you may know, the Nashua Board of Aldermen sets the bottom line of the budget.  The BOA reviewed the District’s budget in May 2013 and in June 2013, the BOE approved the City of Nashua operating budget, including the District’s operating budget.   
Recognizing the financial difficulties challenging the City of Nashua, as expressed earlier this year by Mayor Lozeau, the Nashua Board of Education worked this spring to reduce the budget in ways that limited impact on classrooms.   In the end, the Board did reduce the proposed budget by $288,954 before submission to Mayor Lozeau; those reductions included:
  • a reduction to the allocation for elementary classroom libraries by $104,000, which leaves a balance of $64,500 to pilot the introduction or expansion of classroom libraries that support more authentic literacy in our elementary classrooms.
  • an elimination of the Technology Enterprise Fund next year but an increase the allocation for DonorsChoose.org matching funds from $25,000 to $35,000. The administration and Technology Department supported the change, believing it makes sense to use the coming year to evaluate the effectiveness of technology introduced into classrooms through this process, and use that information to consider future revisions to how we introduce technology into classroom lessons.
  • a reduction to the telephone and natural gas accounts collectively by $75,000, based on lower cost projections.
  • a reduction of the Naviance software license by $8,611, eliminating grades 6 and 7 but maintaining grade 8. This is only our first year in implementing Naviance, and the primary focus in implementing this software next year at the middle level will be at grade 8.
  • a reduction of reduce school allocations by $16,344, which is the equivalent to a 1% reduction, leaving a 1% increase in the coming year. This reduction will be made on a proportional basis to each school.
  • a reduction in the increase in special education transportation by $50,000, resulting on a reliance on special revenue funds from special education tuition payments.

In final consideration, the Board approved adding one position to the operating budget, a social worker or similar position at Elm Street Middle School.
To keep you informed of the data referenced in the development of the Fiscal Year 2014 operating budget, Superintendent Mark Conrad and the Nashua Board of Education are posting that data below.  If you have additional questions, please email schoolbudgetquestions@nashua.edu.
Budget Codes
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