Superintendent Mark Conrad consolidated pertinent budget information and data in the Nashua School District FY 2015 Board Budget Process notebook, which was distributed to each member of the Nashua Board of Education on Wednesday, January 29, 2014 at a Board Budget Committee meeting.  At that meeting, Superintendent Conrad presented his recommendation for the FY 2015 operating budget.
For convenient reference, notebook content is available below.  If you have questions, please email your question to:
Board Budget Process Notebook
Table of Contents

1. Three-Year Budget Recommendations
a. Three-year budget summaries
b. Individual recommendations and justifications
2. FY 2015 Budget Overview 3. Personnel Proposals & Costs 4. Non-Personnel Proposals & Costs 5. Curriculum & Professional Development 6. Technology 7. Special Education 8. Other Programs 9. Class Sizes 10. Enrollment Projections 11. Budget Documents 12. Special Revenue Funds 13. Revenues
a. FY 2015 proposed revenues (with prior year comparisons)