Budget FY 2016

Nashua School District
FY16 Budget Development Process
July 2, 2015

At the July 1, 2015 meeting, the Nashua Board of Education approved an operating budget of $102,380,593 for the upcoming school year, fiscal year 2016. The Board approved to increase the District's total operating budget by 1.68%.

To review a summary of the additional reductions approved at the July 1, 2015 meeting to meet the Nashua Board of Aldermen approved bottom line of the City of Nashua operating budget, please click here

As you may recall, at the March 23, 2015 meeting, the Nashua Board of Education approved an operating budget of $102,680,963 for the upcoming school year, a 1.98% increase overall, and forwarded its recommended budget 
to Mayor Lozeau and the Board of Aldermen. After review with Superintendent of Schools Mark Conrad and Chief Operating Officer Daniel Donovan, the BOA limited the increase in the District operating budget, which required the need to make additional reductions. 

For the District, the budget review process began early last fall with the work of the District-wide Budget Advisory Committee. Committee members anticipated a particularly difficult budget year because of built-in cost increases in salaries under collective bargaining agreements and contract increases largely in transportation and utilities against the constraints of the City’s spending cap. 

Mark Conrad worked with the Committee to develop his proposed operating budget, which he presented to the Board of Education in late January. Since then, the Board’s Budget Committee has been reviewing the budget with Mr. Conrad as well as Daniel Donovan, Chief Operating Officer, and Jennifer Seusing and Karen Crebase, Assistant Superintendents. In addition, the Nashua Board of Education held a public hearing about the budget this year, on March 18, 2015, providing opportunities for many Nashua residents and staff members to voice their views on budget priorities.

During the budget process, a budget notebook is created to put all the information on the budget provided by the administration, or requested by the Board of Education into one location. You can access that information in the Budget FY 2016 Notebook link.

If you have additional questions regarding the Board of Education-approved budget, please send an email to District office staff.