June 21, 2017

On June 20, the last day of school for students, the Nashua Board of Education met and approved an operating budget of $106,687,405 for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year. 

The Board-approved budget increases the District's total operating budget by 1.9% over last year.

More importantly, the approved budget now funds all-day kindergarten at seven of the 12 elementary schools that previously only offered half-day kindergarten. Until now, full-day kindergarten was available only at:

Amherst Street Elementary School
Dr. Norman W. Crisp Elementary School
Fairgrounds Elementary School
Ledge Street Elementary School
Mount Pleasant Elementary School

With the start of the new school year in August, full-day kindergarten will be held at all 12 elementary schools, continuing at the five listed above and including the seven listed below:

Bicentennial Elementary School
Birch Hill Elementary School
Broad Street Elementary School
Charlotte Avenue Elementary School
Main Dunstable Elementary School
New Searles Elementary School
Sunset Heights Elementary School

Kindergarten in Nashua includes lessons in the areas of literacy, numbers, geometric shapes, library sciences, computer, music, art, and physical education. A letter from the principal of the neighborhood elementary school will be sent home next month to parents of our registered kindergartners with general information about the start of school and the school day, including the school's arrival and dismissal times for kindergartners.

In the meantime, Superintendent of Schools Connie Brown is delighted to know that Nashua now offers the best possible opportunity for our kindergarten students to learn and thrive.

"My team developed a very child-centered budget this year and the funding of all-day kindergarten moves the Nashua Board of Education closer to its goal of making sure students are reading on grade level by grade 3," said Dr. Brown. "Providing all-day kindergarten is a solid step forward for early childhood literacy, which will benefit our kindergartners in so many ways as they progress through school."

To keep you fully informed of changes to Dr. Brown's originally proposed operating budget, which she presented to the Nashua Board of Education in January 2017, COO Daniel Donovan kept a comprehensive list of motions the Board of Education Budget Committee voted on over the course of the operating budget development process; please click here for that list of motions. 

Click here for the online version of the budget process notebook that contains data and background information on various aspects of our school district. Updates to the notebook occurred as information became available over the course of the budget development season this spring.