January 2017

For convenient reference, budget notebook content will be posted below as it becomes available over the course of the budget development season this spring.  

If you have questions or comments about the FY 2018 recommended budget, please email them to:  

Thank you for your consideration.

Nashua School District
Board Budget Notebook
Fiscal Year 2018

Table of Contents

1. Administration FY2018 Budget Overview
     a. Schedule of Budget Committee Meetings
     a. Revised Schedule of Budget Committee Meetings
     b. Superintendent Brown's Recommended Budget Presentation
            with Dr. Brown's memo to the Nashua Board of Education
     c. Communications with Mayor Donchess
             10.7.2016 JD Memo to Dr. Brown and Mrs. Ziehm
             10.25.2016 CB Memo to BOE Budget Committee
             10.26.2016 JD Memo to BOE
             01.20.2017 JD Memo re FY2018 Budget Preparation
             02.22.2017 JD Memo to Dr. Brown and Mr. Farrington
2. Currently Budgeted Positions
     a. Teachers by school/type (regular, SPED, reading, etc.)
     b. Para-educators positions by location
     c. Guidance by school/position/ratios
     d. Administrators by school
     e. Administrator ratios
     f. Secretaries by school/location
     g. Custodial by location/position
     h. Budgeted positions (operating budget FTEs)
     i. Positions funded by non-operating budget funding
         i. Grants
         ii. Special Revenue Funds
     j. Severance costs/analysis
     k. Employee turnover analysis
     l. Overtime analysis
     m. Summary of position additions & reductions FY 2010-2018
     n. FY 2018 projected severance costs
3. Non-Personnel Costs
     a. School-by-school budget allocations
     b. Transportation budget detail
     c. Utilities budget detail
     d. Plant Operations budget detail
          i. Capital Improvement Needs FY2018-FY2023 
4. Curriculum & Professional Development
     a. Textbook replacement schedule
     b. Professional development budget (operating and grant funds)
     c. Curriculum resources budget
5. Technology
     a. Technology budget overview
6. Special Education
     a. Overall SPED budget breakdown
          i. Description of classes of services
              1. General population
               2. Self-contained classrooms
               3. Out-of-District
          ii. Teachers
          iii. Support staff - psychologists/therapists/paras
          iv. Support staff - staff
          v. Support services - technology/equipment
     b. Special education student census by primary disability
     c. Out-of-District placements by disability and school with costs
     d. Preschool class size
     e. Out-of-District cost analysis
     f. SPED data trends
     g. Comparison of Total School Expenditures v Special Education Costs
7. Other Programs
     a. Summer school programs & enrollments
     b. Athletics budget
          b. presentation
     c. ELL enrollments over time
     d. ELL students by school
     e. WIDA Access Test
     f. CTE enrollments, expenses (including revenue fund replacement)
     g. Homeless/Refugee
8. Physical Environment for Learning
     a. Elementary class size spreadsheet
     b. Middle school class size spreadsheet
     c. High school class enrollment listing
9. Enrollment Projections
     a. Official October 1, 2016 count
     b. Non-public school enrollments
     c. Enrollment projections (by NRPC)
10. Budget Documents
     a. Summary by commodity code
     b. Budget detail
     c. Personnel detail
     d. City bonding schedule
11. Title Grant Budgets
     a. Title I
          i. Title I Priority Focus
     b. Title II
     c. Title III
     d. IDEA
     e. Perkins
12. Special Revenue Funds/Grant Funds
     a. Special revenue funds budget detail by fund
          (Athletics funds only with uniform replacement schedule)
     b. Reserve balances
13. Revenues
     a. FY 2018 proposed revenues (with prior year comparisons)
14. Other Information and Presentations
      a. All-Day Kindergarten for Nashua Presentation - Superintendent Brown
      b. All-Day Kindergarten for Nashua Presentation - Assistant Superintendent Boucher
      c. BOE FY18 Budget Questions/Requests and NSD Responses
      d. School psychologists job description
      e. Win-Clearway Alternative High School Presentation
      f. Superintendent Brown's 3.22.2017 Recommended Budget Presentation