Custodial Services

December 2016

The Nashua School District resumed negotiations with the Nashua custodial union in September 2016 following a decision by the New Hampshire Public Employee Labor Relations Board (NHPELRB) that ruled in favor of the union about privatizing services. Subsequently,  the NHPELRB denied the Nashua Board of Education's request for a rehearing. The Board is considering an appeal to the decision.

The NHPELRB initially was responding to an unfair labor complaint filed December 2015 by AFSCME Council 93, which represents Nashua custodians.

As you may recall, on September 16, 2015, the Nashua BOE voted on two motions that together addressed the delivery of custodial services in our District.

The first motion approved to terminate the Board of Education's collective bargaining agreement with the local AFSCME chapter, as it "relates to those positions identified as custodial in section 2.2 of the agreement effective June 30, 2016." The second motion initiated a process to solicit proposals to obtain cleaning services in our schools and offices.

We have posted relative documents below.
09.16.15 BOE Press Release 
09.16.15 BOE Letter to Nashua School Custodian Union,
    Local 365/Council 93

11.13.15 AFSCME Letter to Superintendent
11.30.15 BOE Letter to AFSCME
12.01.15 Superintendent Memo to AFSCME
12.04.15 AFSCME Letter to BOE
12.04.15 AFSCME Letter to Superintendent
01.14.16 Custodial Contractor Questions with NSD Answers
02.29.16 NSD Custodial Cost Breakdown/RFP Comparison

RFP Process
Request for Proposals

Responses to RFP
     GCA Education Services
     S.J. Services
        Part 1 of 3
        Part 2 of 3
        Part 3 of 3
     Temco Facility Services

Committee Membership
BOE Ad Hoc Committee-Custodial RFQ/RFP Process Membership

AFSCME Filing with NH Public Employee Labor Relations Board
12.30.2015 AFSCME Unfair Labor Practice Complaint
12.31.2015 Notice of Pre-Hearing and Adjudicatory Hearing 
1.14.2016 BOE Response to Unfair Labor Practice
3.15.2016 Timeline Extension
5.4.2016 BOE Pleading
5.4.2016 AFSCME Brief
5.20.2016 BOE Reply Brief
7.25.2016 BOE Brief
7.25.2016 AFSCME Brief
8.5.2016 NHPELRB Decision to Begin Negotiations
9.1.2016 BOE Motion for Rehearing
9.1.2016 BOE Motion for Rehearing: Notice of Objection Deadline
9.8.2016 Arbitration Opinion & Award
9.8.2016 AFSCME Objection to Motion for Rehearing
9.20.2016 NHPELRB Denial of BOE Motion for Rehearing
10.18.2016 NSD Petition of Appeal
11.7.2016 AFSCME Motion for Appeal
11.17.2016 NSD Objection of Motion
12.7.2016 The NH Supreme Court Ruling regarding Mediation
RFQ Process
  Request for Qualifications
  NSD RFQ Response Grid
  Responses to RFQ
     GCA Education Services
     M&M Cleaning
     P.E.A.C.E. Plus
     S.J. Services
     Temco Facility Services
     UG2 LLC
     United Services of America

City of Manchester
     2010 RFP Custodial Services