Using Search: 

  • Typing something into the Keyword box will only look in the column called Documents. For example, if you want to find an agenda from 06/20/2017, you cannot type in "06/20/2017" which is in the Date column. You must type in "6-20-17" which appears in the Documents column.
  • Checking the "Show Most Recent Agendas" will provide you the most recent Agendas uploaded, typically the past month.   
  •  By typing in keywords in the text box, all documents containing any of those exact words (either in the title or in the content of the documents) will be returned. 
  • On the table below, clicking on either the words "File" or "Date" will sort all values ascendingly.   For exmaple, if you click on "Date" once, the sort will return the earliest meetings, while clicking on "Date" twice will return the most recent meetings.