The Nashua Board of Education meetings are held typically at 7:00 pm on the second and last Mondays of each month and members of our community are welcome to attend and to comment.  Special meetings, work sessions, and committee meetings are scheduled as needed throughout the month.  Please refer to the calendar to confirm meeting schedule because meeting times and dates are subject to change periodically.

The meetings and work sessions are typically held in the Board room at Nashua High School North, 8 Titan Way, Nashua.  Committee meetings are typically held at the Berard Masse School Administration Building, 141 Ledge Street, Nashua.
The Nashua Board of Education meeting minutes are published each week on the District's website for our readers information and reference.  Meeting minutes are also kept on file in the Office of the Superintendent of Schools.  If you have questions about the Nashua Board of Education meeting minutes and recordings, please contact Jacqueline Waters, Board Secretary. 

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  • City of Nashua residents can watch all Nashua Board of Education meetings on the Nashua ETV youtube channel.