Section B: BOE Governance and Operations
Section B contains policies on the Board of Education: how it is appointed or elected; how it is organized; how it conducts meetings, and how the Board operates. This section includes bylaws and policies establishing the Board's internal operating procedures.
Policy Number Policy Date Name of Policy
BAAA 05/31/16 School Board Policies and Administrative Procedures
BBA 03/31/08 School Board Powers and Duties
BBA-R 03/31/08 School Board Powers and Duties Appendix
BBAA 06/25/07 Board Member Authority
BBBF 03/12/12 Student Members on the Board of Education
BCA 08/22/16 School Board Member Ethics
    City of Nashua Ordinances: ethics guidelines
BCA-R 08/22/16 School Board Member Ethics Appendix
 City of Nashua Ordinances: ethics guidelines
BCB 08/22/16 Board Member Conflict of Interest
City of Nashua Ordinances: ethics guidelines
BDE 04/30/18 Committees and Delegates
BDEA 04/30/18 Policy Committee
BDEB 04/13/15 Human Resources Committee
BDF 01/15/08 Advisory Committees to the Board
BEA 03/12/18 Regular Board Meetings
BEA-R 06/14/10 Procedures for Participation in a Meeting by Electronic or Other Means
BEAA 12/12/07 School Board Meeting Preparation
BEB 06/14/10 Special Board Meetings
BEDA 01/15/08 Public Notification of School Board Meetings
BEDB 11/14/16 Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
BEDB-R 05/27/14 Agenda Preparation and Dissemination Procedures
BEDC 06/14/10 Quorum
BEDD 05/27/14 Rules of Order
BEDG 04/30/18 Minutes
BEDH 01/15/08 Public Participation at Board Meetings
BEDL 11/09/09 Approval of Expenditures
BFE 04/14/08 Administration in Policy Absence
BGD 12/12/07 Board Review of Administrative Procedures
BGF 01/15/08 Suspension of Policies
1120 08/11/08 Board Organization
1121 01/12/04 President of the Board
1122 01/12/04 Clerk of the Board
1124 11/27/06 Committee on Curriculum and Evaluation
1126 11/27/06 Committee on Finance and Operations
1127 11/27/06 Committee on Budget
1128 11/27/06 Committee on Policy
1129 08/19/02 Caucus
1131 10/17/05 Board Records
1133 08/19/03 Notification of Meetings
1136 10/17/05 Community Relations Committee
1220 08/19/03 Hearings
1230 10/17/05 Complaints
1231 12/15/03 Interview Intake Form