Section D: Fiscal Management
Section D contains policies on school finances and the management of funds.  Policies on the financing of school construction and renovation, however, are filed in Section F, Facilities Development.
Policy Number Policy Date Name of Policy
DA 09/10/07 Fiscal Management Plan
DBJ 11/09/09 Transfer of Appropriation
DBJ-R 11/09/09 Procedures for Transfer of Appropriations
DD 09/10/07 Funding Proposals, Grants and Special Projects
DDA 10/03/13  Grant Funds, Materials and Services
DGD 10/09/12 School District Credit Cards
DHA 09/26/16 Contracts/Signing Authority
DI 11/09/09 Fiscal Accounting and Reporting
DI-R 10/09/07 Fiscal Accounting and Reporting Regulations Appendix
DIC 12/14/09 Financial Reports and Statements
DIE 09/24/07 Audits
DJ 10/09/07 Purchasing
DJB 10/09/07 Purchasing Procedures
DKC 10/09/07 Expense Reimbursements
DKC-R 10/09/07 Expense Reimbursement Appendix
DKD 07/10/17 Cell Phone Policy
DKD-R 07/10/17 Cell Phone Policy Request Form
1470 01/27/97 Payroll Procedures
7021 04/29/96 Purchasing