Section J: Students
Section J contains policies on students:  admissions, attendance, rights and responsibilities, conduct, discipline, health and welfare, and school-related activities.
Policy Number Policy Date Name of Policy
JBAA 03/09/15 Sexual Discrimination, Sexual Harrassment, and Sexual Violence - Students
JBAA-R 01/08/18 Sexual Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Violence - Students - Appendix
JCA 05/27/14 Change of School or Assignment
JEB 06/10/13 Age of Entrance
JEC 03/12/07 Manifest Educational Hardship
JF 06/10/13 Enrollment
JFA 07/18/11 Residency
JFAA 07/18/11 Admission of Resident Students
JFAB 08/15/11 Admission of Nonresident Students (And Tuition)
JFABB 09/12/11 Foreign Exchange Students
JFABB-R 09/12/11 Admission of Foreign Exchange Students
JFABD 07/19/04 Admission of Homeless Students
JH 10/30/2017 Student Attendance
JHA 03/14/2011 Attendance Intervention Protocol
JH-R 03/14/2011 Student Attendance Procedures
JI 04/09/07 Student Rights and Responsibilities
JIC 02/27/17 Student Behavior Standards
JICFA 08/13/12 Hazing
JICFA-R 08/13/12 Hazing:  Reporting, Investigation and Response Procedures
JICG/ADC 09/10/12 Tobacco Products Ban Use and Possession In and On School Facilities and Grounds
JICI 09/10/12 Weapons on School Property
JICK 12/13/10 Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention - Prevention of Bullying [replaces 3244.1]
JJF 02/13/12 Student Activity Funds Management
JJF-R 02/13/12 Student Activity Funds Procedures
JJJA 05/09/16 Student Extracurricular Activity Eligibility - Academic Expectations
JJJA-R 05/09/16 Student Extracurricular Activity Eligibility - Academic Expectations Procedures
JJJB 08/31/15 Student Extracurricular Activity Eligibility - Behavioral Expectations
JJJB-R 08/31/15 Student Extracurricular Activity Eligibility - Behavioral Expectations Procedures
JJJC 05/11/15 Student Activity Fee
JKAA 11/30/15 Child Restraint and Seclusion
JKAA-R 05/30/17 Procedures for the Use of Child Restraint and Seclusion
JLC 11/26/12 Student Health Services
JLCAI 09/26/16 Eye Clinics
JLCC 03/12/18 Communicable Diseases
JLCD 12/17/12 Administering Medication to Students
JLCD-R 12/17/12 Administering Medication to Students
JLCE 01/25/16 Emergency Care and First Aid
JLCF 09/11/17 Wellness Policy
JLCJ 03/12/18 Concussions and Head Injuries for Student Athletes
JLCK 03/12/18 Special Physical Health Needs of Students
JLDBA 05/30/17 Behavior Management and Intervention for Students
JLI/EB 09/10/12 Safety Program
JRA 02/12/18 Access to Student Records - FERPA
1217 08/15/83 Notification of Parental and Student Rights
3220 01/27/97 School Year/School Calendar
3240 07/20/87 Attendance During Inclement Weather
3241 07/20/87 Dismissal From School
3410 07/20/87 Pupil Attendance Records
3440 12/15/03 Cumulative Records
3440.1 03/31/97 Maintaining, Disclosure of, and Disposition of Student Cumulative Records
3442 01/27/97 Directory Information
4232 02/09/81 Pupil Immunization
4233 12/17/92 Students with AIDS/ARC
4400 03/25/02 Child Abuse and Neglect