Welcome to the Nashua Board of Education (BOE) page of the Nashua School District website. The Board's role is to oversee and guide the Nashua School District by setting policy, approving curriculum and assessment materials and strategies, setting and approving human resource decisions, negotiating union contracts, overseeing operations and finance decisions, and establishing the annual operating budget. The information and links provided on this page are designed to provide details of the Board's activities in support of the District's mission.   

The Nashua Board of Education can be contacted at: boe@nashua.edu

(Note that emails sent to the boe@nashua.edu email address are considered public correspondence with the Board under New Hampshire's Right-to-Know Law, RSA Chapter 91-A.  The email will be noted in the Board meeting minutes, and accessible to members of the public.)
The Board consists of nine members who are each elected to four-year terms.  Members serve city-wide and terms of office are offset such that either five or four positions are elected every two years. Since 2013, two high school representatives serve the Board.  NHS North students and NHS South students vote each year to elect a student representative from each school to serve as non-voting members of the Board.  

The Nashua Board of Education meetings are held generally the second and fourth Monday of each month, according to an established schedule.

The Board has five standing committees: Budget; Curriculum and Evaluation; Finance and Operations; Human Resources; and Policy, and members serve on nine other Committees: Joint Special School Building Committee (JSSBC), JSSBC Construction Projects, Education Council, Charter School Committee, Health & Wellness Committee, Professional Development Council, Middle School Institute, and Healthcare.  

Standing Committee Chair Members Alternate
as needed during the budget season, which typically runs from October through March
 Mr. Hallowell,  Chair

 All BOE Members  NA
Curriculum and Evaluation
third Monday of the month
 Dr. Murotake  Mr. Coffman
 Ms. Van Twuyver
 Ms. Hohensee
Finance and Operations
second Tuesday of the month
 Mr. Hallowell  Mr. Coffman
 Mr. Mosher 
 Ms. Ziehm
Human Resources
Wednesday prior to the second BOE meeting of the month
 Ms. Ziehm   Dr. Murotake
  Ms. Oden
 Ms. Hohensee
third Tuesday of the month
Ms. Van Twuyver  MsHohensee
 Mr. Mosher
 Mr. Hallowell
Other Committees: Members
Student Board Member Liaison
 Mr. Farrington
Education Council
 Mr. Mosher
 Ms. Van Twuyver
Health & Wellness Committee
Professional Development Master Plan Committee/TDEC
Nashua Education Foundation
Joint Committees: Chair Members
 Joint Special School Building  Committee  Mr. Dowd,
 Board of Aldermen (BOA)

BOE Members:
  Mr. Farrington
  Mr. Hallowell, Vice Chair
  Mr. Mosher  
  Ms. Van Twuyver
 Construction Projects  
 Mr. McCarthy
 Board of Aldermen (BOA)


BOE Members:
  Mr. Farrington
  Mr. Hallowell
  Mr. Mosher

BOA Members:
  Mr. Moriarity, Vice Chair
Keep in mind that the date of these meetings is subject to change because of holidays and members' availability. To confirm meeting schedule, please click on calendar.