Q. How do I register my child in your school system? What do I need to take with me to the school?
A. Each student is registered at the neighborhood school. Proof of residency(two utility bills or a copy of lease/mortgage agreement) , birth certificate,  most recent immunization records, and proof of most recent physical are required at time of registration.

Q. Is there all-day kindergarten in Nashua? Can I put my child into one of the all-day kindergarten programs?
A. Currently, five of our schools have full-day kindergarten programs: Amherst Street Elementary, Dr. Crisp Elementary, Fairgrounds Elementary, Ledge Street Elementary, and Mt. Pleasant Elementary. Only children who live in those five neighborhoods may attend those all-day kindergarten programs. All other kindergarten programs are half-day programs, morning or afternoon.

Q. What is the cut-off date and age for children entering kindergarten and first grade? Can I enroll my child in kindergarten or first grade before they are age appropriate?
A. Children must be five years old before October 1 to enter kindergarten, and six years old prior to October 1 in order to enter first grade. A parent/guardian may request early admission to kindergarten or first grade.  The following conditions must be met to request early admission to either kindergarten or first grade; 
  • For Kindergarten- The child will be at least 5 years old by October 31st of the year for which admittance is requested. 
  • For 1st Grade- The child will be at least 6 years old by October 31st of the year for which admittance is requested.
There will be no exceptions for children with birthdates beyond October 31st
If the conditions are met, the child will be assessed for social, emotional, and academic readiness in the summer.  Parents must contact Student Services in the District Office to request early admission packet before June 1st of the upcoming school year.

 Q. How do parents resolve problems they are having with a teacher?
A. In cases of discipline or other school matters relating to their children, parents should first discuss the matter with the teacher concerned. If, for some reason, they are not satisfied, they can further discuss that matter with the principal, then Director of Student Services, and finally, the Superintendent of Schools.

Q. We’re moving out of Nashua, can our child continue to attend Nashua schools?
A. If a student moves out of Nashua during the school year and wishes to continue attending school in Nashua, the District must be notified by the student’s parents and/or by the student if over the age of 18. If space is available, the student will be allowed to remain in the Nashua School District on a tuition basis. Families who do not reside in Nashua, or move out of Nashua, but send their children to Nashua Public Schools without giving proper notification to the District and receiving written permission for their child’s enrollment in the Nashua Public Schools, will be assessed the cost of tuition for the period of time in question and may face appropriate civil and criminal sanctions, including, but not limited to, complaints for Theft of Services.

Q. Which is the best school?
A. We do not rank our schools. However, our web site (www.nashua.edu), does have some assessment information. Also, the New Hampshire Department of Education has a test score site available (www.ed.state.nh.us).

Q. How can I find out about “before- and after-school” programs?
A. Through a 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant, the following schools offer unique “before- and/or after- school” academic and enrichment courses throughout the school year for students in Grades 1-5: Amherst Street Elementary, Dr. Crisp Elementary, Fairgrounds Elementary, Ledge Street Elementary, and Mt. Pleasant Elementary. Also, the Adult Learning Center (603-882-9080) sponsors a licensed “before- and after-school” child-care program for children in kindergarten through 5th grade. Each school offers the programs on school days only. Before-school care is available in most of the elementary schools.

Q. Can my child attend a different Nashua school other than my neighborhood school?
A. While most children attend their neighborhood school, the Nashua School District does have a procedure for parents to request that their child be allowed to stay at the school in which they began the school year. If class size, student discipline, or poor attendance is not an issue, Attendance Variances are granted with the provision that the parent provide transportation to and from school daily. A blank Attendance Variance Request form may be obtained at your child’s school site or the school administration building at 141 Ledge St.  High school waivers are a form of attendance variance and may be obtained at the school administration building at 141 Ledge Street.

Q. Where are students’ records kept after a student leaves the Nashua School District?
A. An Office Record Card for all students will be permanently maintained by the School District. Student records follow the child chronologically to the corresponding schools until that student graduates. They are then kept at the high school that they attended for the amount of time as follows: A regular education student’s cumulative file will be maintained for three (3) years from the date of program completion. Special Education records for Special Education students should be maintained for six (6) years after the date of termination or program completion.
Q. I want to home school my child. How do I register my child for home schooling?
A. Pick up a Home Education intent form at the school administration building, 141 Ledge Street. Submit the completed form, to the Office of Student Services at the Berard Masse School Administration Building at 141 Ledge Street.