Anti bullying

In 2010, in response to new New Hampshire legislation on student safety that focused primarily on bullying, the Nashua Board of Education adopted policy JICK:  Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention – Prevention of Bullying.  To provide common understanding specifically on bullying behavior and its prevention, the Nashua School District developed an Anti-Bullying presentation.

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Process

Parents are encouraged to speak with their child’s guidance counselor at the neighborhood school to schedule an appointment with the school site team to discuss a 504 Plan request.

Discipline Policy: 

Please adhere to the following steps to place a complaint to your child's school:
a) Please contact the principal of your neighborhood school about  the incident.
b) If you and the principal are unable to come up with a solution to your concern, please contact Robert Cioppa, Director of Student Services and ELL at (603) 966-1068.
c) Robert Cioppa will meet with the parent to discuss the concern and work out a solution.

Homeless Services Parent Information

Please contact the Homeless Liaison at your neighborhood school to let them know you areand your children are homeless.. Parent and/or guardian of the students will need to complete the appropriate school forms.  Please be assured that the District staffs will keep this information  confidential. The form is given to Kerry Caldwell, Student Services, Nashua School District, 141 Ledge Street, Nashua, NH 03060 and she will process the information immediately to help your family with the following:
  • Free Breakfast/Lunch Program

Regular Education Tutor Information

Parents, please contact your child's guidance counselor to inform the school that your child will be absent from school for a long period of time due to the following: Long term absences due to illness, surgery and serious injury. A doctor's note will be needed for the student's school absence record to excuse all absences.
A tutor can only be requested after ten (10) days of consecutive absence from school.