The Technology Committee is chaired by the Director of Technology and serves to provide input on the District’s Technology decisions. It reviews Technology needs and provides budgetary input, develops our Technology three year plan. Members of this committee gather feedback from their schools.
For the 2012-2013 school year, the membership of this committee was as follows:
Rick Farrenkopf Director of Technology
Sarah Marandos District Integration Coordinator
Donna Latina District Training
Susan Wilborg Technology Office Manager
Todd Campion Integration - High Schools
Jessica Hughes Integration - Middle Schools
Denyelle Klayton Integration - Middle Schools
Jocelyne Kauffman Integration - Middle Schools
Claudia Novak Integration - Elementary Schools
Diane Vieanneau Peer Coach
Karen Crebase Asst. Principal - Elementary School
Mike Harrington Principal Fairgrounds Elementary
Louise Norway Teacher - Elementary School
Diane Collins Teacher - Elementary School
Sharon Saunders Teacher (Head) - High School
Jen Campo Teacher - High School
Kellie Gabriel Teacher (Head) - High School
Kim Trill Teacher - Middle School
Deb Uttero Teacher - Elementary School
Kristine Smith Librarian - Middle School
Heidi Grant Librarian - High School