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Goals for the 2014-2015 School Year
Each year the Bicentennial School Leadership Team looks at the needs of the school, examines various data sources and determines academic goals for the upcoming school year.  The primary source of data for reading/language arts and math comes from the iReady assessment which is administered in the fall, winter and spring for students in grades 1-5; and fall and spring for kindergarten students.  Science data comes from the Science NECAP which is administered to grade 4 students each spring.  Although data is tracked through a variety of sources, the assessments listed above afford us the best opportunity to determine individual, class and grade growth within the year, as well as allow us to compare our students to others in Nashua and beyond. 
With the exception of science inquiry, the data from last year is very encouraging.  Bicentennial students continue to perform at a high level compared to their local and statewide peers.  In reading/language arts and mathematics, scores for students in grades 1-5 continue to remain steady or inch forward.  In the area of science, performance in three of the domains (Life Science, Earth/Space Science and Physical Science) are among the strongest in the District.  With the development and implementation of new curriculum units which are aligned with the Common Core Standards and NH Science Standards, purchase of related curricula materials, targeted intervention and focused staff development, we are confident scores in all areas will continue to rise.   
The Bicentennial School Leadership Team announces the following academic goals for the 2014-2015 school year.    
·         Students in grades K-5 will demonstrate a 2% average increase in math proficiency on the spring 2015 iReady assessment.  (Spring 2014 Baseline Data:  Kindergarten 51%; Grade 1 89%; Grade 2 84%; Grade 3 89%;, Grade 4 87%; Grade 5 85% = 80% overall proficiency)
·         Students in grades K-5 will demonstrate a 1% average increase in reading/language arts proficiency on the spring 2015 iReady assessment.  (Spring 2014 Baseline Data:  Kindergarten, 93%; Grade 1, 96%; Grade 2, 92%; Grade 3, 93%; Grade 4, 89%; Grade 5, 84% = 92% overall proficiency)
·         Students in grade 4 will demonstrate a 10 point increase in the science inquiry domain on the 2015 NECAP Science Assessment. (2014 Baseline Data:  44%)