Curriculum: A Course of Study

All teachers in the Nashua School District teach using a curriculum that is designed to help students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and acquire a level of competency across all subjects.

Our Curriculum Team, with the strong support of teachers, has designed a curriculum that not only instills know-how but also helps students develop a sense of their own academic strengths and personal interests.

To give you a sense of the curriculum taught at the District's twelve elementary schools, three middle schools, and two comprehensive high schools, the progression of learning, which is essentially the order of study, is outlined here in each of the four major subject areas taught in our schools:

English Language Arts
Social Sciences

The progression of learning is critical to understanding what we teach because it provides a blueprint of how we approach instruction, identifies the units of study, and tells us what students should know by the end of each grade.

We have organized the progression of learning by academic level:

Elementary Scope and Sequence (Kindergarten to Grade 5)
Middle Scope and Sequence (Grades 6 to 8)
High School Flowchart of Courses (Grades 9 to 12)

Click below to learn more about scope and sequence of the four major subject areas.  

Within each grade span, individual units of study will be accessible as they are made available during the 2014-2015 school year.   Currently only units 1 through 4 in the mathematics progression, Kindergarten to Grade 5, are available; and most units of study in the social studies progression, Kindergarten to Grade 5, are available.  Please click on the respective progression of learning links to access the embedded units of study.    

English Language Arts Progression of Learning
          Kindergarten to Grade 5
          Grade 6 to Grade 8
          Grade 9 to Grade12

Mathematics Progression of Learning
          Kindergarten to Grade 5
          Grade 6 to Grade 8
          Grade 9 to Grade 12

Social Studies Progression of Learning
          Kindergarten to Grade 5             
          Grade 6 to Grade 8
          Grade 9 to Grade 12

Science Progression of Learning
          Kindergarten to Grade 5
          Grade 6 to Grade 8
          Grade 9 to Grade 12