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Congratulations to the Nashua High School North and Nashua High School South staffs! Last week the NH Department of Education released the dropout rates for New Hampshire's Class of 2014, and North/South's combined dropout rate of 3.24% is not only significantly better from last year but also well below the state 4.12% average.

This success reflects a shared response to supporting student success in school. The support of the New Hampshire Board of Education and the Nashua Board of Education in developing alternative pathways for students to earn a diploma was important. More so, the tremendous dedication and skills of our guidance counselors, our teachers...both daytime and evening...and our school administrators is critical. They never give up on our students. Too often students most at risk of dropping out of school need to be convinced that they are competent and can be successful in school. Consequently the value of our staff lies in their ability to counsel and coach students to earning a diploma. Although the work continues, we can take great pride in our recent success.

Please click here for a NH Department of Education spreadsheet of 2013-2014 dropout statistics.