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Technology:  Mouse skills, navigation on the network, going to Internet Explorer, use of Back Button, clicking on hyperlinks and scrolling down a webpage.
Language Arts: Reading for content (webpages) and writing complete sentence answers when needed. 
Learning logs are used with students for directed Internet research. 
Learner Outcomes:
Students will learn more about navigating the Internet.  Students will gain knowledge on a subject matter via Internet resources found on Mrs. Novak's website.  Students will complete a learning log Grade 3,4,5).
 Curriculum Standards
For standards see Curriculum Standards
 Materials:  Computers, LCD projector, SmartBoard, OR large screen monitor, pencils, printed copies of learning logs and a copy of the book Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin. 
1.) Show students the book Snowflake Bentley.  Teacher can read the book OR share reading with student volunteers.  This would be easier to do with Grades Four and Five but certainly could be done with Grade Three. 

.) Using the SmartBoard or large screen monitor, teacher demonstrates how to get to the webpage http://www.nashua.edu/novakc/Snowflake/snowflake1.htm . There should be a link on the desktop to the Title One Technology Special Projects website.  Scroll down to 2003 2004 Projects.  On the bottom row of this group, you will see a link to Snowflake Bentley.
3.) Kindergarten, and Grades One, Two will do the activities and games on the lower half of the webpage. Teacher to determine if they want to one of the learning log with Grade Three otherwise do activities and games.
4)  For details on how to do learning logs go to separate lesson plan for learning logs.  Grade Four will be doing the learning log More About Snow
.) Grade Five will be doing http://www.nashua.edu/novakc/Snowflake/snowflake3.htm.  Hyperlinks to the learning logs are located on the middle of Snowflake Bentley and Wonderful Winter Snow webpage. 

6).  After Grade Four and Five have completed the learning logs, they can return to the Snowflake Bentley website and do the activities and the games. 

Learning Log Rubric.

My Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan for Snowflake Bentley and More About Snow
My Lesson Plan for Doing Learning Logs on Snowflake Bentley and More About Snow

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