Nashua Adult and Community School

The Nashua Adult and Community School, located at Nashua High School North, offers a diploma program and a variety of enrichment courses for the adult learner living in greater Nashua. We are proud to say that our school has been supporting our community learners for more than sixty years.
We have a fantastic staff who are caring, motivated, and passionate not only about teaching but, more importantly, about our students' success in school.  

We feel that small class sizes provide our students the best opportunity to be successful. Celebrating the successes of our students is very important to our program. We hold a graduation ceremony every June for students who have earned their high school diploma during the year.

Diploma Program
The Adult High School Diploma Program offers an alternative path for adults, out-of-school youth, and in-school youth to earn a high school diploma from the Nashua School District. The Nashua Adult and Community School is a fully accredited program and offers high school credit courses leading toward the completion of a high school diploma. The majority of our courses meet one night per week for fifteen weeks. Our classes run during the evening from 6:00 – 9:00pm.
We offer Algebra, Biology with a lab, and Chemistry with a lab for post graduate students seeking degrees or employment in the Health and Medical fields.
Enrichment Program
The Enrichment Program offers a variety of non-credit courses to enrich the lives of all learners. Some of the courses offered are Baking and Cooking, Computer, English for those learning the language, Health and Wellness, Painting and Pottery, Small Engine Repair, and Woodworking.  Our enrichment classes are during the evening, but the length and time vary depending on the course.
Please contact us to inquire about our programs (603) 966-2420.
Laurie Rothhaus, Director (Interim)
Renee Santos, Administrative Assistant


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