The Adult High School Diploma Program offers an alternate path for adults, out-of-school youth, and in-school youth to earn a high school diploma from the Nashua School District.
The Nashua Adult and Community School is a fully accredited program and offers high school credit courses leading toward the completion of a high school diploma. The majority of our courses meet one night per week for fifteen weeks. Our classes run during the evening from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  
We do offer algebra, biology with a lab, and chemistry with a lab for post graduate students seeking degrees or employment in the health and medical fields.
How The Diploma Program Works:
  • The first step is an assessment of your high school credits, with a coordinator or counselor looking at your high school transcript to see how many credits you earned in high school.
  • Then a plan is made to earn the remaining credits needed for graduation.
  • When all requirements have been completed, you will have earned a high school diploma and the Nashua Adult and Community School will acknowledge your success.